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Creative Team Coaching (CTC)


  • is an innovative team coaching method that makes possible the continuous development of managers.
  • is based on current scientific knowledge and application-oriented studies on the one hand, and on decades of practical experience of advisors and managers on the other.
  • has a standardized methodology, making it easy to learn.
  • makes it possible for 5-6 participants to engage with one participant’s situation at a time, with the goal of benefitting from the different perspectives in the group.

Potential Applications of the CTC:

  • To support general or specific Human Resource Development measures (e.g. leadership): Participants have follow-up training during which they engage with the practical implementation of the material they have learned. Personal goal setting and action plans for further development are worked out in coaching sessions.
  • To support change processes: Participants develop solutions for difficult tasks/emotional reactions during the change process.

Advantages of the CTC over other Human Resource Development Measures:

  • Simultaneously promotes the sustainable learning processes and learning transfer of all participants by working with a very wide variety of practical examples.
  • Thanks to its internal implementation with numerous participants, the method generates high benefits at a low cost.

What we offer

  • Detection of the challenges you face.
  • Implementation of the CTC.

        - Background

        - Methodology

        - Training of Moderators

  • Moderation of initial sessions.
  • Continuous evaluation of participants’ learning progress.