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Value Screening

  • Values define meaning and significance within a social system.
  • Employees in a business orientate themselves with their personal values (e.g. self-actualization, leisure time) and are thus sometimes in conflict with the values of the business or of managers (e.g. performance, commitment).
  • The detection of values within the social system of a “business” and the development of commonly supported values thus represents a cornerstone of organizational development.
  • Advantages of lived-out business values:

        - high levels of commitment to the company

        - high levels of identification with the company

        - high levels of job performance and dedication to work

        - low employee turnover rates

        - high levels of employee satisfaction

        - increased levels of dedication to the company

        - Organizational Citizenship Behavior.

What We Offer

  • Implementation of value screening in your company with a scientifically validated questionnaire.
  • Gap-Fit analysis regarding the company’s prevailing culture of values.
  • Definition/Adaptation of company values (bottom-up).
  • Derivation of an appropriate course of action for management.