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Dr. Kai Niclas Klasmeier on topic

Shared Leadership:
A Three Study Investigation of the Antecedents, Consequences, and Dynamics of Shared Leadership in Teams

1st study of dissertation

2nd study of dissertation

3rd study of dissertation

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Dr. Sarah Lange on topic

Mindfulness, Work Stress & Leadership:
A Two Study Investigation on the Impact of Mindfulness in Regard to Stress Management and Leadership Behavior: Abusive Supervision & Transformational Leadership


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Dr. Catrin Millhoff on topic

Instrumental Leadership and Organizational Change:
A Three Study Investigation on the Influence of Instrumental Leadership on Employees' Change Reactions within the Framework of the Extended Full-Range of Leadership Model


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Dr. Katharina Pachocki on topic

Understanding Neurological Processes in the Lea­der­ship Context: 
A Two Study Investigation on Personality Traits, Transformational Lea­der­ship and Subjective Leader Effectiveness


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Dr. Ute Poethke on topic

Leadership, Values and Communication:
A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Extended Full-Range of Leadership Behaviors



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Dr. Carina Cohrs on topic

A Communication Based Approach on Transformational Leadership:
Two Empirical Studies Deepening the Understanding of the Relationship Between Leaders’ Communicator Styles, Transformational Leadership Behavior and Leadership Development


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Dr. Mathias Diebig on topic

Leadership and Work Stress:
A Three Study Investigation on Stress-Related Antecedents and Consequences of Full-Range Leadership Behaviors



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Dr. Heiko Verlage on topic

Aufgabenorientierung und Mitarbeiterorientierung:
Psychometrische Erfassung essentieller Führungsstile
(Task orientation and employee orientation: Psychometric assessment of essential leadership styles)



Dr. Claudia Krüger on topic

Different Angles on Transformational Leadership:
Its Antecedents, Relatives, and Consequences in Self and Other Perception



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JProf. Dr. Kai Bormann on topic

Understanding Ethical Leadership:
An Integrative Model of Its Antecedents, Correlates, Contingencies, and Outcomes



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Dr. Lars Borgmann on topic

Führung mit Kick:
Transaktionale und transformationale Führung im professionellen Fußball
(Leadership with a kick: Transactional and transformational leadership in professional football)


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Dr. Susanna Krisor on topic

Personal and Organizational Antecedents of Employees’ Stress:
Differential Analyses of the Work-Family Interplay



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Dr. Carolin Abrell-Vogel on topic

Transformational Leadership’s Effectiveness in Organizational Change:
Three Empirical Studies Deepening the Understanding of the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Employees’ Commitment to Change



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Dr. Martina Mönninghoff on topic

Effects of and Influences on Transformational Leadership Development


Dr. Jens Radstaak on topic

Training and Coaching of Transformational Leadership


Location & approach

Coming from the west: B 1, exit Dortmund-Mitte (WDR/ZVS), then twice right on Wittekindstraße. At the trafic light straight ahead. First road on the right (Querstraße), which lead onto Hohe Straße. Turn right. After next trafic light pass the subway station and then turn right to the Zentrum für Weiterbildung (signposted).

Attention: Do not drive into the underpass!


Coming from the east: B 1, exit Ruhrallee (B 54) direction Dortmund-Mitte/Lünen until the next trafic light. Turn left into Markgrafenstraße. Drive Markgrafenstraße straight ahead until the trafic light at Hohe Straße. Turn left and pass the subway station and then turn right to the Zentrum für Weiterbildung (signposted).

Attention: Do not drive into the underpass!

The closest subway stations are Polizeipräsidium and Westfalenhallen. Both can be reached by the subway line U45/U46. There is also a bus stop (bus 450) at Westfalenhallen.

From Dortmund Airport you can take the AirportExpress to Dortmund Hauptbahnhof (central station, 20 minutes). From there you can reach us via the subway U45 to Westfalenhallen. Exit at Westfalenhallen. You can also travel by train from Dusseldorf Airport to Dortmund Hauptbahnhof.

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The facilities of TU Dortmund University are spread over two campuses, the larger Campus North and the smaller Campus South. Additionally, some areas of the university are located in the adjacent "Technologiepark".

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