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Zentrum für HochschulBildung

About Us

Innovative Leadership Development

The Department for Human Resource Development and Change Management at the Center for Higher Education is a renowned point of contact for training programs, consultation, and diagnostic tools.

Professor Jens Rowold’s team transfers current scientific knowledge into practice in order to address the challenges faced by our collaborative partners from commercial enterprises and management companies. As a service provider with scientific skills, we develop custom-made solutions and data collection methods. We conduct diverse teaching modules through innovative seminars, special coaching programs, and advisory consultations, either at the Center for Higher Education at TU Dortmund University or, if required, on site.

We support Human Resource managers in medium-sized businesses with the further development of their employees. Thanks to our diverse practical experience, we can offer our proven diagnostic tools and testing methods not only to commercial enterprises, but also to educational institutions and public bodies. Our work is carried out on the basis of scientific methods and analysis, allowing us to develop and calibrate specific, substantiated solutions for each client and organization.

Everything we offer is based on the results of current research and its use in practice. Our development services are subject to continuous evaluation, especially with regard to considerations of cost-benefit and sustainability.