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Leadership Feedback

360° Feedback is a method used to assess the performance and skills of specialists and managers from different perspectives – such as from the viewpoint of employees, superiors, colleagues, and clients.

The Goal: Reflection on one’s own leadership conduct; derivation of appropriate development measures.

Our 360° feedback is based on transactional and transformational management styles. There is no management approach for which there are more scientific studies that demonstrate a positive correlation between these management styles and result criteria (including employee performance, commitment to change processes, innovation).

Our 360° feedback is based on an extensively investigated (see article by Kathrin Heinitz and Jens Rowold, see article by Claudia Krüger et al. 2011) instrument, the so-called TLI. The TLI has been used in practice in numerous projects with various companies and public institutions, so that extensive benchmarks and standards are available (see info TLI).

Should you be interested in the implementation of leadership feedback, please contact us via our office.

What We Offer

  • Implementation of 360° Feedback for managers.
  • The use of empirically validated tools for 360° Feedback.
  • Creation of an individual results report for each manager.
  • Personal feedback/Explanation of results in conversation with the manager.
  • Derivation of development measures based on the results.